Meet the Doctors

Because we care

Our seasoned and skilled team of doctors in absolutely any fields of medical expertise, just as well as a crew of surgeons and practical nurses.Working as a team they will leave no chance for any disease to survive!Their practice proven record shows that more than 95% of all issues are successfully resolved!We’re never afraid to go the extra mile for your health needs!

Dean Thomas

Head of the surgery dept

Dean is the head of our Surgery department. He practices at our clinic since its initial founding days 25 years ago. He performs the most intricate and dangerous operations. His patients' survival rate stands at 100%!

Jerry McStanton

Senior surgeon

Jerry walked a long way from his home state of Alaska to becoming one of the country's top surgeons! We're glad he took that path with us, as well as thousands of people, whose lives he

Lewis Parole

Senior surgeon

After graduating from the Duke university with a magna cum laude in 1999, Lewis has chosen our medical clinic as a first step in his medical career. It's been 17 years and his surgeries tally is

Daniel Leroi

Senior surgeon

Daniel is responsible for all bi-yearly general healthcare checkups. His experience as a therapist  for more than 15 years. At our clinic he manages all the preventative and post-surgery therapeurtic sessions... Our patients love him the

Tom Neville

Senior surgeon

As a surgeon for Reconstructive surgery department, Thomas deals a lot with people on the brink of desperation... just loves to see his patients smile again, as soon as they can see their restored body after

Gary Truman

Senior surgeon

Gary is our best plastic surgeon... In fact, he does so many facelifts, nose jobs and breast implanting, that patients line up to book a slot with him. Being our busiest plastic surgeon, Gary nevertheless manages

John Peterson

Senior surgeon

At the age of 31, John is the youngest head of a department at our clinic. Despite that he is one of the most talented doctors our clinic has. His skills and practical knowledge are unprecedented

Phil Beasley

Senior surgeon

Phil is the head of our neurosurgery department. As our senior neurosurgeon, he's responsible for the most sophisticated ... Biography Phil Beasley grew up in the Rocky mountains state of Wyoming... A place, where there were